It’s important to keep that balance between touring and time

This year we are staying away from longer trips so I can focus on writing and recording. It’s important to keep that balance between touring and time for creating. Marianna knows my need to connect with my audience on stage. John Roche attempts to debunk Charles Beard’s historical idea that the founding fathers were only rich, white, influential, landowning men who intended to change the Constitution only to maintain the status quo and keep the rights to their lucrative property investments and their land. Roche instead characterizes the framers of the Constitution, not as scheming rich men, but as men genuinely dedicated to the creation of a functional democratic government. Roche acknowledges that the founding fathers may have had many motives that factored into their creation of a Constitution, but that though some of these motives may have been entirely impure, they did not dictate the atmosphere of the convention, nor did these impure motives drive the intentions of all of the founding fathers.

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